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[the academy anniversary of the founding]
October 20 is the anniversary of the founding of this academy.

Mary Therese de subiran which established the support Maria monastic order which is the establishment mother's body of this academy on October 20 is on a day done beatification in Rome for 1,946 years namely a day accepted as a happy person (the thing that the life was characterized in holiness by a certain virtue act of the virtuous person).

A video is introduced the process that support Maria monastic order would found a school in here Fukuyama in in the homepage of a junior high school, the high school.

I come out to following another video (the national Hiroshima atomic bomb death person mourning Peace Memorial Museum's HP) about the rassaru father appearing in this video.
"Hiroshima of my life tsukirutomo fathers and way to revival"

The miraculous encounter that separated time from Mary Therese de subiran for fugo rassaru father, a little less than 100 years of these two people laid a Fukuyama Akenohoshi academy; will not be at all exaggeration. I would appreciate your recalling the life of two people once again on October 20 on the day of the encounter.
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