Story of the principal

"Miscellaneous thoughts" of April
 Busy days continued in staff meeting and others since before an entrance ceremony. It did it for reasons of the maximum to have taken the time for many preparations above all for Easter on March 27. It was the days that were busy even after April began. It was one week with the feeling that ran from opening mass on 5th earnestly without the opening ceremony on 7th, an entrance ceremony (a junior high school and high school) and a breathing space on 8th.
  The cherry blossoms seemed to bloom especially neatly this year, too, but there are none in memory too much. I went to the house of students and Fukuyama nature of Shinnyu of the junior high school on April 16 and made udon and ate. I already do the throb feeling when I let you strengthen heat and continue it for years, but do not change without setting fire with two of the window approximately at the same time probably because it is said, "it is good may give a good example and a sister and the principal to serve already warm the juice of the udon for furnace (the thing which pours water into the large pan to boil udon) of the staff and all the participants, and running out of fire from the sister who went together because the students see it".
  I heard such words when I heard a story of the instructor with students. "The fire goes out with the fire everybody if I do nothing saying that I began to burn. As for the fire, the word to be a thing to bring up affected heart directly. Not only the fire but also the human relations are the things which the custom of the study must raise. I think that I told about the importance of "bringing you up" at the principal morning gathering of a junior high school, the high school of the next week clearly as possible. Finally, I finished it to the washing and came back to the school.
  I am pulling a weed growing in a flower bed in the cleaning time for school with a seventh grader now. At first I appear for * irare, the terrible action to run after the butterfly absorbedly afterwards even if I pull a weed together when a butterfly comes. It may be said that I am young if I say, but thinks that it is unusual and may be taken such an action because I am not brought up in such an environment.
  I was brought up among terraced fields and a rice field and mandarin orange fields in the halfway up a mountain of the mountains of Sasebo of Nagasaki. I met a centipede and a snake by everyday life and, in pursuit of a hare, ran around in the hills and fields with a cat and a dog. In pursuit of a dragonfly, I took the cicada and dried a pond and I took a crucian carp and the killifish and kept it with a water tank. Because I was brought up in such an environment, there is no feeling that the natural world is rare too much. But I admired the beauty of the sunset, and it was laughed well by mother when I stood still near a flower for hours at the time when winter was over, and a flower bloomed in profusion.
  But, for students, it may be that this season is unusually happy. There is the larva of the swallowtail butterfly which says almost that it is really a poisonous insect in the flower. "Hey," I hear the words that it is said, "it is no use", but there is not the child observing it heartily when I show it.
  In busy every day, live while thanking God and Maria when is spring thinking about various things; nowadays.

Principal Michiharu Yamaguchi