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Story of the principal

 I spent four days to one Takashima of the island in Kasaoka in four days before the Assumption festival (August 15 and it is called a tray in the world or to be said to be the anniversary of the end of the war). It is not a mere vacation. The Catholic Catholic priest is obliged to carry out one-week meditation once in one year. It is time to stare at own heart with time to spend calmly alone.
  I flew to ponape of the Federated States of Micronesia expressly last year via Guam from Kansai Airport and spent one week. I think that I spent anything of nature sounding through some feeling through splendid nature right on the equator and life without the air conditioner while feeling. I heard a sound of the wind and felt the hometown that I had had already lost for a long time on the star where a song and a dance and the sky in the mass of people of ponape were empty. A heart was cleared more than usual after coming home, and it was a blessing from big God to become calm if it looked back.
  In this summer, the circumstances of the school occurred at the same time and were able to never go in the distance. I thought about the meditation at the church, but am ill for some reason. The call that I cannot predict. A visitor. Various things happen, and a heart is called off in an event. A kanji to "be busy" is the word to lose a heart. A heart is drained and is meditation society to regain the heart that I lost. So I chose the pension of Takashima not a church.
  Takashima is a small island. I heard that hundreds of islanders lived, but aging advanced by depopulation and was told other than the vending machine first afterward in fishery and a guest house if there was not the shop. And there was nothing even if, actually, I took a walk.
  I am really alone for three days. I lied sprawled out with the cushion on the 8-mat tatami mat of the Japanese-style room as a pillow and understood strangely somehow when it was such a thing. It was really an open room other than TV and a tatami-room table. When I lie for a while and close my eyes, I hear the sound of the unexpectedly big wave. za, the sound of the repeated wave to say with a rushing sound hear za, the sound of the short wave called za, and open the eyes incidentally, and they begin to think about the sound of the wave suddenly. When the Gregorian chant was composed in reference to the rhythm of the wave, I hear a voice somewhere of the heart.
  When I hit and look at the outside from a window, there is a small island in front, and between Takashima is the small strait with Kojima. I hear a sound of the surf to sand regularly until a ship passes, but the sound of the surf changes as soon as a ship goes. I see the figure that a white heron and crow hunt for something on a beach. There was time when passage of time when I fell silent was felt.
  I talk about nothing, and the heart merely stares at the passage of time calmly. In addition, I sprawl on the tatami mat and close my eyes calmly and stare still at the heart. Many matters float and disappear and float and disappear. The event at the school of the first semester floats like a revolving lantern.
I float at a church and am one of the matters to disappear.
  There was oneself doing it in a drowse all too soon while feeling that time went by. When I opened eyes and took Rosary of the myrtle green out of the rosary case of the red velvet, I recalled a trip in Korea. When I raised the body and had begun to advocate Rosary with a really calm feeling, the voice that junior high students made noise sounded through the room along the second-floor corridor.
  Is it a blessing of the spirit of a dead person strangely that the heart is not disturbed, and became at the time when I was able to concentrate on prayer?
  Even if it advocated the prayer of the church, it was very mysterious that a heart became able to taste the words more deeply.
  The teaching of God is complete, and revive a soul,
  Persuading you does not change and brings wisdom in a heart.
  The fate of God is joy of the heart definitely,
  The Sonomi effect is clean and opens the eyes
  The words of God extend to the successive generations definitely,
  Truly the judgment is all right.
  The word to "be the story that God showed existence of God worked more than pressure, the thought of we human being by a human being to" floated in the heart in "the Old Testament" which I talked about for the staff of a school of the school for one year and disappeared.
  The thought "that the trace that God was committed there when I look back when God is committed to the house of us so far now from now on and will not be accompanied so that we notice it and see it is surely seen" in floats. It will be demanded from us who live for a new contract after the fashion of Christ Jesus that I get close to need to read the Bible deeply more and yet more to meet you.
  I thought about a point worried about in the Bible while leaving such thought in a heart well and was four days when I let a heart play freely. It was summer vacation to think that I wanted to do it for power to spend one year in conjunction with the 4-day meditation that I took at the end of July again in the 8-day meditation society.

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