Education philosophy

Education philosophy
Star girl Junior High School of Akira Fukuyama, the high school,
It is a Catholic parochial school establishing a base in the Christian mind.
It is existence loved by God, and the human being takes the view of human being to be siblings each other and,
I develop the ability that an each person's student is given in perfection,
I aim at bringing up "a person of the love" who can keep a self alive for the happiness of others.

School mottos

With Maria

With Maria
After the fashion of gentleness and humility of the Maria, I move forward for the completion as the woman.

I am trusted by God

I receive all on thanks as a blessing and move forward with trust and hope powerfully.

I am faithful for oneself

Like Son of God, I move forward as a human being like oneself faithfully.

I get along with each other each other

A star of the dawn is one big family who can realize what "each one is loved, and is valued".

I advance and serve it

I share the blessing that God gave to me with the people of the circumference and I advance and serve it.