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Education basic policy

With a posture to learn
The scholastic ability that I acquired
I bring up power to make use of.
In the principal school, I raise "intellectual training" and "flowering of the individuality" as a practice aim of formation and the contents of the curriculum aiming at all development that human, is individual of each student.
Since the opening of a school, assume medium- and high-levels consistent education a base; 1.2 years student "basics" 3.4 years student a "development" 5.6 years student as time of "the completion," 
 ① The acquisition of basic basic thorough instruction and the high scholastic ability
 ② Respect for individuality and originality
 ③ Upbringing of the citizen of the world by the improvement of language study education
 ④ Upbringing of the feeling-related rich human resources by the cultivation of aesthetic sensitivity and the on-site training
I perform an instructional activity based on the point of view of above four.
I act in enhancement of the further education while bringing up power to live for that the present age demands based on a tradition since the foundation of 1949.

G.U. -Global Understanding-

G.U. -Global Understanding-
The English conversation class by the foreign teacher who calls it G.U. in a principal school aims at the acquisition of the practical conversation while understanding a cultural society-like background. The interchange with the foreign student is prosperous, too.

Special curriculum

Special curriculum
I polish oneself through Catholic ethic and Christianity event and bring up a heart of the prayer, a heart of the service in daily school life.
Institute of educational foundation Fukuyama Akenohoshi
3-4-1, Nishifukatsucho, Fukuyama-shi, Hiroshima
TEL. 084-922-1682 (academy direct communication)
FAX. 084-925-1533 (academy direct communication)
※ About the individual inquiry
I would like it at the following.
(junior high school, high school)
TEL. 084-922-1682
(elementary school)
TEL. 084-923-5264
(nursery school, kindergarten)
TEL. 084-923-4244
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