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Preparations for short-term studying abroad [Canada New Zealand]

Category:Short-term studying abroad
During spring vacation, I carry out the short-term studying abroad for applicants.
Using time after school, I am doing preparations for confirmation and announcement of instructions in the studying abroad, an exercise of the English conversation.
Departure finally approached. It will be a pleasure very now what kind of experience is waiting during studying abroad.
●New Zealand
 From Sunday, March 18, 2018 to 28th Wednesday
 From Wednesday, March 21, 2018 to Monday, April 2

[periodical concert] I guide you of this

Category:Middle and high schools,Club
Wednesday, March 14, 2018
The 27th commuter pass concert
[a venue: a principal school hall]
 [the opening] 14:30 [the start] 15:00
Targeting at a student, protectors, I hold a periodical concert.
I look forward to your coming!
<part of the performance>
・Koto club
・koro suterurakurabu
・Indoor orchestral music club
・Guitar mandolin club
<part of the display>
・Calligraphy club
・Comics study club

Lecture of the graduate

Category:High school
With six graduates this year, the graduate of the Osaka University junior gave a lecture for a younger student now.
With each experience including the advice for a study method and the course decision at school, he/she talked.
"The study is made to do it by a person and does not do it"
"I study to enlarge own world"
I thought of a younger student carefully and listened to many words to encourage with the expression that all were earnest.
Graduates who talked, thank you very much.

Bell mark count, waxing

Category:Middle and high schools
Person in charge of service added up the bell mark which gathered in one year after school in the science room. It was a bell mark of enormous quantity, but I cooperated together and pushed forward work quickly.
In addition, in a classroom and the corridor, person in charge of beautification waxed it. During long time, the memory that there is many it innumerably of students soaks into the floor of this tree which I used carefully.

The 36th traditional Japanese playing card meet final

Category:Junior high school
I performed the final by the student who fought successfully through each class qualifier of the junior high school.
It is a classic meeting to reach the 36th. All students developed a hot fight aiming at championship.
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