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Kiyoharu society
There was the daily Kiyoharu society who was a graduate, thanks mass.
The sixth grader heard a lecture of Father Frederick as Kiyoharu society from morning.
I did a theme saying "the person who realized harmony is happy", and the sixth grader looked back on past step, the learning of the heart.
I was able to have words, "all the children were deep whenever I came to the star of the dawn every year, and a thought, the growth of the heart were rich" from father
I received mass with the protector afterwards at a monastery.
In the sixth grader, it will be that there is the child becoming the last mass in the life.
I came to star Elementary School of the dawn, and the heart that I brought up in daily life appeared in this mass.
Each children reconfirms oneself made as unique existence, and all the staff make an effort for a junior high school with confidence and hope to be able to leave the nest.