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Graduation farewell party
There was a graduation farewell party.
The graduation farewell party is the meeting which eats while talking about a memory with the teacher who spent six years until now.
Based on what I learned, a sixth grader went until now to buy food and, before the dinner meeting party, pushed forward preparations when I set the venue.
In the meeting, the cause of the host progress of the sixth grader was carried out.
After the pleasant dinner meeting pleasant chat, there was a present to the staff of a school of a chorus, the ensemble that a sixth grader was a learning presentation.
I was just just impressed by a singing voice, the performance that became higher of the completeness from time of the learning presentation.
In addition, the staff of a school did a program in connection with "a meeting of the ribbon" which was a class reunion name, too.
There was the story than an old class teacher afterwards, too.
"I miss you!" from children The voice broke out saying "there were a, such a thing", and the meeting became very fun.

All the staff of a school pray and will be from now on when I want you to graduate with pleasant dream and hope toward junior high school entrance into a school of higher grade.
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