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School opposition "getting karuta meet boiling over"
There was a meeting of "I get which blew" the karuta which could know Fukuyama.
From star Elementary School of the dawn, two fourth grader children participated as a representative of school.
In the luck by the representative of each school, I was able to win the third place how.
From the qualifier in the school, many children of the star of the dawn wrestled to this karuta which "got to blow" on.
And it is winning a prize ... at the meeting!
In this way, children of the star of the dawn challenge various places and are proud of playing an active part heartily.
I challenge it and will support all the staff of a school from now on to be the children who continue growing up.
In addition, I made the place where all of Fukuyama trading card production Committee to get to play, children challenged, and thank you very much.