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Graduation ceremony

On March 17, I held the 58th graduation ceremony.
It is the state of the graduation child waiting room. I am slightly being tense a little in the beginning front.
Teachers add a handmade yellow flower to all chest.
The state of the living-in-children waiting room.
"Words, the goodbye of the forwarding practices, too", and now is a public performance.
A graduation ceremony began.
I get a paper one by one.
I answered in all, a well loud voice.
Song "your and my rarara" of the graduation child
It was a beautiful singing voice.
44 children left the nest this year.
I took a ceremonial photograph every class.
There was a lot of participation of fathers today, too.
There was "the meeting of thanks" after a graduation ceremony.
There was the present of the bouquet from children.
There was the present of the song by a surprise afterwards, too.
Please embark on heart by new one step for many memories.
And please become the considerate person who can employ oneself for other people.
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