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Dodge ball meet

We had a dodge ball meet of A (elder) on February 7.
A lot of protector of A came for support, too.
At first it is the announcement of rope exercises.
To stormy music called "Power of Paradise"
I did the exercises using the rope.
Law characteristics of the para-wave that was an athletic meet same as movement appear.
It was revealed whether I should sit down well who should stand the children.
Finally, "ya with toiu shout!"
A pause was fixed well.
The next is a game of the dodge ball.
I worked out a strategy in each class while repeating practice games.
I look at the ball well and escape.
A lot of figures that the friend of the infield was going to take the ball which came to own court while falling down were seen.
It became very good to throw.
"An out!"
The last final the Class violet vs. filled it up, and was a group.
It is also ...
The exchanges of the early ball of the outfield infield were splendid;, "ugh, Megumi company" won the championship.
There was the friend who shed tears of vexation, but I took all medal from the director teacher finally and looked glad.
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