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The Star Festival of the dawn

On October 30, I performed the Star Festival of the dawn in the comfortable clear autumn sky.
Thank you for your many visits.
With a star drumbeat of the good dawn of the energy, a festival began!
I made a collaboration under the theme of "Noah's ark" this year.
At the picture work corner, the elder drew "Kintaro" "athletic meet" "silk fowl".
"Being dug" a "carp streamer" "tortoise", and the half a year drew o.
The youth drew a "rabbit" "crawfish".
As for the 3 years old child, the bud class created "a laying upon picture" "kao".
Many friends came to the experience-based section of montessori of the room of the garden introduction.
I made the article of "the child bazaar" with all the children. I send the sales for Great East Japan Earthquake revival.
An elder girl worked as the vendor.
A work corner is quite popular with "the forests of the child"!
At the event corner, the student of the Fukuyama municipal university came.
I moved a lot of bodies together and seemed to be fun.
In the garden, an elder boy carried "a child mikoshi portable shrine" on his shoulder from 11:30!
Following the next as for the girl "wasshoi, wasshoi!" I support you with a round fan.
The older brother of star Elementary School of the dawn rushed to the support, too and swelled very much!
It was a very happy day.
As for the protectors, thank you.
Institute of educational foundation Fukuyama Akenohoshi
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FAX. 084-925-1533 (academy direct communication)
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