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Exercises of C (young child), B (child during the year)

In the time for exercises, I always wipe it with a damp cloth first.
Not only muscular strength points out the wiping, but also,
It leads to the bear walk of the balance beam or making a frontal turn of the mat
A very important element is included.
C was the last exercise, but spreads through the exercises formation and,
I did expansion and contraction and shinkyaku well and acquired basic movement.
B watches a game of a dodge ball meet of A (older child) of the other day,
I was enthusiastic when I wanted to work as the oneself.
Thought to want to become A swells out more and more early.
I put up buttocks well and wipe it with a damp cloth
C came to be able to do one hand balance so much, too.
I tried a bear walk hard on C, a balance beam.
Exercise to turn a navel to toward B, the ball
The posture to hear explanation of the middle expectation dodge ball is earnest
Three people who stayed till the last! I looked at the ball well and escaped.
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