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The second semester was over

I am okay even if cold! I play well outside.
State of exercises of D (3 years old child)
I hung a foot on the horizontal bar and hung.
There was a fire drill the other day.
Children on the snowy day of the other day
The second semester was over safely.
From a director teacher,
"Four sisters can come to this kindergarten from France 69 years ago,
I was made to tell God to children.
Let's always spend time with a feeling of thank you to God"
There was a story called this.
All the second semester greatly grew up, too.
From tomorrow, it is winter vacation.
Please spend happy time with the family.
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※ About the individual inquiry
I would like it at the following.
(junior high school, high school)
TEL. 084-922-1682
(elementary school)
TEL. 084-923-5264
(nursery school, kindergarten)
TEL. 084-923-4244
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