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There was music of A (older child).

There was the last music today for the second semester. I sang the song of the original "big turnip" which children thought about while selecting the character of the story together and, for an ensemble for the third semester, reviewed the way of holding musical instrument and correct rhythm da chioshite, musical instrument once again. In addition, I heard it when there was the introduction of the new musical instruments such as a large drum and a side drum, musical chimes, the xylophone, and what kind of sound would appear to the children while letting eyes dazzle.
The song play of the big turnip. I pull "untokodokkoi!" and a turnip.
I become the cat of the character completely.
It is rhythm da chioshimashita in music of "Chitty-Chitty-Bang-Bang" in total.
The triangle was the musical instrument which I touched for the first time, but was able to let a sound sound well.
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