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753 blessings type

Story of father
Blessing of Ocycrius japonicus, the good-luck candy
I had a blessing and Ocycrius japonicus.
Sacred song "gentle eyes"
On November 14, I held 753 blessings type in the temple of Confucius of the monastery.
Protectors of all the members and A (elder) of the kindergarten participated.
Father comes, too,
You thank God, and keep past growth all the time from now on
I prayed.
A (elder) blesses by one to father and has
I had Ocycrius japonicus.
The A did "the thanksgiving" that they thought about together.
"God, always thank you for watching it.
Be reconciled immediately even if you quarrel,
Can make the peaceful world that does not fight.
And so that father mother can spend time well all the time from now on"
Praying in this year entered in father mothers; was prayed.
To date, it was a time to thank your parents whom he/she brought up.
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