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Staying society 1

I went to Mount Zao on a bus after I prayed that I could spend time safely in a temple of Confucius for two days together.
The natural quiz in the bus becomes lively very much, too and arrives at Mount Zao in no time and is finally departure!

In Mount Zao, I found various insects and plants and listened to the chirping of bush warbler and cicada and did mountain climbing in spite of being tsuketarinado, much nature and contact to see a bullfrog.

There was the steep way, but has finished climbing it with effort.

The stick juice which I ate on the mountaintop was cold and was delicious. It became the reward to oneself who did the best.

Without the cityscape of Fukuyama that looked at on top being very clean, and thinking; "yahho ...! !I wanted to cry with ".
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