School life

              Through the various school events including the religion event, I learn many things.
              I stare at the self and develop a thought, a rich view of the world about the life.
              I will realize growth whenever I finish one event.

Six years in the star of the dawn

I enter it, and there is "a camp made with a friend" immediately. Through outdoor cooking rice or game, I can make friends with the friend to meet for the first time immediately.
I go to Mount Sanbe (sambesan) of Shimane in summer. I raise a solidarity power while enjoying campfire and Nature for the preparations for meal and mountain climbing from the construction of the tent.
I perform a staying trip to think about way of oneself of life through various activities in autumn. I invite a senior playing an active part in society and image future work, one's future including the department of the university concretely.
I visit Vancouver where many races coexist, Canada. I polish communicative competence through homestay and acquire live English and the international sense that came from culture.
A heart is quiet and, in "Zen meditation Kiyoharu society," reflects oneself. I am about to tell one's heart that oneself really wants to do it. "The farewell party" is a meeting telling the feeling of thanks to a graduating sixth grader.
"The transmission type of the light" is the meeting where the sixth grader who had the graduation ceremony entrusts a fifth grader with the heart of the star of the dawn. I celebrate the new sailing of the sixth grader while regretting parting at the graduation ceremony.