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Principal greetings

The principal
Principal greetings
 In this year, I reach the age of the turning point called the 70th anniversary of the foundation and decide to hold a commemorative ceremony on October 20.
 Four sisters visited Japan from France in December, 1947 that was the postwar confusion period and, through the difference in words and much difficulty such as search for land, the purchase, dropped one kind in this ground. For Japan at the time, the most necessary one founded a school in cause 1949 of the strong faith to be women's education. The prayer of the founder that "all are in when, or only the Holy Mother gathers for the cause as for the person who passed through the gate of the star of the dawn once, and to be able to taste everlasting joy!" is incised on the basic stone of this school building. Implication that each one is a big family of "valued" one that can realize, "is loved" is included, and the principal school is one of the school mottos; "get along each other", and ni is connected.
 I manufacture and sell it, and the progress of the fourth industry revolution by the spread of AI and IoT has a big influence on the wide fields such as health, medical care, the community service and a way of working, the lifestyle of people in addition to economic activities such as the consumption, and it is thought that I bring about super smart society (society5.0) now. It "is particularly important to the power that practice applies knowledge, the skill that not only I learn new knowledge, skill, but also learned to, by oneself, besides, discovery, solution in question to bring up power to wrestle that the fourth industry revolution predicts even a report of the third education promotion basic plan provided on March 8, this year when existing industrial structure and employment structure may let, besides, the life of people change completely and survives such times vigorously. In addition, independent; point it out while thinking autonomously, and collaborating with a variety of others again, it is necessary to bring up the person who can form richer society.
 In this regard, it is not exaggeration even if I see it even if I say that this viewpoint was included in the vision "school bringing up leader bunting Sir to build the peace while valuing star TextileI life in dawn, and bringing up joy to learn school II bringing up student each one with love and respect, and having school III wide field of vision bringing up an independent autonomy-like learning manner, and collaborating with others" of three of the principal school which I showed in last year. "I get along with each other and advance to faithfulness, each other to trust, oneself to God with Maria, and, mind "Women for Others of the-based study that is immutability," service" will promote the education that kept the characteristic as the Catholic school, girls' school which has been cultivated based on an 18-year-old figure (star profile of the dawn) until now alive five school mottos.
 In addition, in the university entrance exam common test started in 2020, it will be made a lot questions for a description type problem and plural interlocking movement types multiple-choice question to evaluate mainly on "an intellectual power, judgement, power of expression" as well as "knowledge, a skill", and the degree of difficulty of the test goes up. Furthermore, in English, "reading" measures four skills of "write it" "talking" "hearing it"; is tested, and "do that The Japan Association of National Universities modifies the utilization of the private English qualifying examination on March 30, this year, and ① results meet uniformity with the application qualification of each university. ②I showed guidelines to add points to the score of the mark sheet-type examination carried out in addition until 23, and the directionality that either of mark sheet type examination, the private enterprise examination or both carried in combination it out was shown.
 In the junior high school, the precedent enforcement of the new course of study begins, too, but an aim and the contents such as subjects are arranged based on the next nature, ability.
 ① What is made what you understand (the acquisition of "knowledge, the skill" to live, and to act.)?
 ② How do you use that understanding shiteirukoto is made?
  (upbringing of "an intellectual power, judgement, the power of expression" that can support the unknown situation)
 ③How do you spend society, the world and a relation, the better life?
  (cultivation of "power, the human nature to go to learn" that is going to make use of learning in the life and the society)
 I will activate an approach for the class improvement more to let you put on these nature, ability in the body to be able to do "the learning that is like independent talks, and is deep".
 In addition, with such an education trend, "poverty and environment" are performed a close-up of as a big social problem. According to the data of the last year, as for the poverty ratio in Japan 17 years or younger, 13.9%, one of seven people turn out applicable. "I serve it for the world, a church, an open social heart after the fashion of a copybook of Maria and value a posture to live with people poor particularly small" right arrests, "I aim at human upbringing that became independent to let possibility given student each one from God flower, and to stand in the international field of vision, and to be able to live with people" that it is the education policy of our academy which is a parochial school performing all-round education even if based on such situation when going to be demanded in the present times.
 A school, a student loved by a protector, a student send school life to relief security happily lively while making use of the strength as the eastern district only girls' high school in this year and will wrestle for the school which can plan the realization of the dream at the time of the graduation. 
Fukuyama Akenohoshi girl's junior and senior high school
Principal Onoda civilization
Institute of educational foundation Fukuyama Akenohoshi
3-4-1, Nishifukatsucho, Fukuyama-shi, Hiroshima
TEL. 084-922-1682 (academy direct communication)
FAX. 084-925-1533 (academy direct communication)
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