From Sunday, March 18 to 29th Thursday
 Short-term studying abroad in New Zealand
I spend time with a student of VMC of the sister school while staying, and innumerable experiences are waiting.
Saturday, March 31, 2018
 Slope public opening of the cherry tree
When "the slope of the cherry tree" is spring, cherry blossoms in full bloom heal the heart of many people.
I look forward to your coming.
From April, 2018
It is a school bus service course (newly)
The service of the west course finally starts.
Please use the school bus which became more convenient.
Thursday, December 7, 2017​
 Delivery lunch
Delivery of the star original of the dawn
I started a lunch.
The lunch which is delicious by "reliable security"
It arrives by "perfect hygiene management".
・Closing ceremony, leaving office type
・(three years) a completion type
・Short-term studying abroad in Canada
・(five years) a curriculum special in spring
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Star photo studio of the dawn
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Star entrance examination event of the dawn
Story of the principal
Recommendation of the library this month
Star street view of the dawn
News of the school bus service
Star girls' high school class reunion of Akira Fukuyama
Star street view of the dawn
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